Application for Open course

(Students can make priority-vise options from the list of courses offered by any department barring the same offered by the parent department)

Name of the student:
Semester/Class and Year of Study
Total Marks secured in the Second Semester Examinations:
(Give 1,2,3,4and 5 numbers against courses according to your preference)
Open courses offered in the college Preference of the Student
1.Samskrite Vinjanam (Jyotisham)
2.Basics of Indian Vastuvidya (Nyaya)
3.Swapnavasavadatha-The legendary theater Sahityam
4.Yoga Theory and Practice (Vedanta)
5.Bharateeyavinjanaparampara (Vyakaranam)
6.Physical Health and Life skill Education (Physical Education)
(The allotment will be done on the basis of the marks secured in the second semester examination. Please upload the mark list)