Activities of the department

The department had three publications with ISBN number. Four teachers of the department submitted Minor Research Projects with assistance of UGC SWRO Bangalore. One Minor Research Project is going on with the financial assistance of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi, under the ministry HRD. Department had organized six national seminars, among them one was with the assistance of UGC SWRO Bangalore and one textual workshop. The department had also organized two ICPR lectures.  Eminent scholars in Nyaya like Prof. Dr. Visnu Potty, Dr. S Revathy, Dr. V.N Jha, Dr. Ganapathi Bhatt, Dr. T. Aryadevi, Dr. G Asokan, Dr. V. Ramakrishna Bhatt, Dr, C. Krishnan kutty Nair,Prof. Dr. Ambika Devi and  Prof. Dr. K.G Kumary, had participated in different academic programs organized by the department.