Rajarshi Ramavarma (1852-1932)

He was born in December 27, 1852. His father was Kudalattupurath Bhaskaran Anujan Nambudiripad and mother was Amma Thampuratti. He studied Nyaya and Vyakarana under his preceptor Seshacharya. In respect of his Guru, he started a new center for Sanskrit learning named Seshacharya Pathasala in 1885. Later in 1914, it became Sree Ramavarama Government Sanskrit college. He started the National Annual Assembly of Sanskrit Scholars which otherwise known as Sastrasadas in 1926. He was the President of the Sastrasadas until his death. The famous Sanskrit Western scholar Mc Donnell gave him a title as ‘The modern Janaka’.

His books

  1. Balabodhanam. 
  2. Vedantaparibhashasangraha.


Darsana Kalanidhi Abhinava Tarkavageesa Pareekshith Ramavarma Thampuran (1876-1964)

He was born in Aug 15, 1876 . His father was Ottur Sri Raman Nambudiri and mother was  Manku Thampuran.

Education – Higher studies in Sanskrit – Sathakopacharya. English Education – Madras Maharajas College. On the auspicious occasion of his ascension to thrown he donated Rs. 100000/ for the efficient functioning of Sanskrit college.


  1. Subodhini  - A treatise on Nyayasastra stands almost among his works. Not only vivid explanation have been given wherever the subject dealt with in the earlier works, remained abstruse, but new light has been thrown on it in the form of fresh idea.
  2. Sararthadipika - A commentary on Sakunthala
  3. Prahladacharitham, Abareeshacharitham, Sukanyacharitham and Radhamadhavam.  – Champu texts
  4. A translation of Bhagavannamakaumudi of Lakshmidhar Acharya Honored by Banaras University with the title of Vachaspathi