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Manuscript Library

Manuscript Library is a project of digitizing ancient palm leafs with the co-operation of C-DIT.

Mission & Vision

The vision of the institution is expressed as “Nectar is attained through knowledge”.


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About Govt. Sanskrit College

Govt. Sanskrit College was founded by His Highness Sri. Sri Rama Varma Maharaja of Kochi, who was a profound scholar of Sankrit. The vision of the institution is expressed as “Nectar is attained through knowledge”. It was with the specific goal of imparting instruction in various Sastras of Sanskrit that the courses were started. At the beginning of the 20th century, modern system of education was introduced by the British was gaining wider acceptance. On the other hand, the traditional education system was getting weaker and weaker. This caused considerable decrease in the number of students seeking ‘Sastric’ studies. Moreover, there was no well organized institution to impart traditional Sanskrit education. His Highness Sri. Sri Rama Varma Maharaja of Kochi felt the necessity of an institution to give instruction in the advanced Sastras of Sanskrit and as a result of that, he founded the Sanskrit College, the former form of the present Government Sanskrit College, Thripunithura.

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Modiifed Rules for School/college level Sanskrit competitions to be conducted along with Sastrasadas 2019 published in the website. visit downloads

Please send duly filled applications to the Principalo Govt. Sanskrit college, Tripunithura, pin 682301 or mail to for details contactDr. Indulekha A B Mobile 9249825291/ Dr. Ajimon C S 9846394138/ Dr. Ajikumar P.V 9446200567

Academic Calendar 2019-20 Uploaded

College Academic  calendar for the year 2019-20 uploaded

Minor Research project

Minor Research Project report on" Edition and publication of Vedantaparibhashasangraha by Rajarshi Ramavarma with Sanskrit commentary and translation into regional language" by Dr. Ajikumar P.V, Asst. Professor Department of Vedanta with the financial assiatance of UGC, submitted


Sanskrit week  celeberation for the year 2019 announced. Different competitions on Sanskrit for college students begins from 23-8-2019. Details are available in downloads

Jeevani center for Students well-being Program started

Students counselling program Jeevani initiated by Govt. of Kerala started in Governemnet Sanskrit College Tripunithura.

Smt. Krishnapriya Joined as Students' Counsellor on 16-08-2019